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Single forever?

Yeah, I hate to be that girl but I have to admit, sometimes, that thought actually worries me.

Deep down I know it can’t be true. It can’t be, right? Here’s my theory. I am completely convinced that everyone has a soulmate (hear me out, there is a bitter ending to this, I’m afraid). I do believe that in a world populated by 7 billion people there is bound to be at least one person that matches perfectly not only with your personality, but also with your needs. I’m sure  (just like I am positive we all have a clone – I just haven’t found mine yet… Not even a celebrity that slightly looks like me… Not even a tiny bit).

I know we all have a soulmate somewhere. Now, the possibilities of you finding that one person in your lifetime? Yeah, probably none. I wouldn’t even venture to say 1% because let’s face it, we both know that’s not possible either. I’m sorry. It would be too much of a coincidence. And even if it happened, even if you found your one true match, you wouldn’t have any way to tell whether it was or not anyway.

However, yes, there are definitely some people that can perfectly complement you and your personality traits. You know, the ying and the yang, opposites attract and all that stuff. Society has trained us to believe it is indeed possible to find that one person. And to be honest, I have nothing against it. Why not? It’s quite a positive thought after all. Completely delusional, granted, but positive nonetheless.

But with unrealistic hopes come expectations, and with expectations inevitably come disappointment. And that’s where the ultimate saying comes into play… You ready? “You’ll find it when you least expect it“. Shoot me. Now.

How the hell am I supposed to do that? Who doesn’t think about that? On a daily basis? No one? Yep. Okay. Just me then. It’s funny because I think the more you think about that phrase, the more you obsess over it, and the more you expect it (which is the last thing you’re supposed to be doing) the more desperate you look… I guess? I don’t know. I honestly long for the day where I won’t be expecting it. Let’s see if the saying proves itself to be right.

Until then. Fuck it.