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New Blog. New Beginning.

I don’t even know how many times I’ve started a blog.

I’m sure that you could come up with tons of different websites I’ve signed up to over the years just by typing my name on Google. So let’s make this one the last one, shall we?

(I guess watching Bridget Jones’s Diary yesterday for the millionth time didn’t help either. But diaries are too old school. This is what cool kids do. Right? Right?)

I feel like first posts are the worst. You somehow have to not only present yourself to your potential audience, but also ‘sell’ the blog you’re about to start (and sell it good).

Here’s my attempt at it, let’s see how it goes:

Sometimes, I feel like I’m a black sheep. I just do not fit with the flock. And that’s good, but that’s a hard thing to accept at the same time. Also, I’m an aspiring scriptwriter. Yep… Oh, and I’m in my twenties. Much better, I know. I am aware of how much knowing that you’re not alone can help (more so if the other person is way more screwed than you are – we cruel, cruel species). So yeah, this could be our own online therapy group. Wow. That did NOT sound appealing. At all. Oh well.

That’s it for today. I know how boring long blogposts can be.

Until next time (I hope).



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